Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Roy's Fav Ebooks

1. The Fourth World - Ebook (Free)
2. Spirit Chasers: Unleashed - Ebook (Free)
3. Surviving the Fog - Ebook (Free)

These are all very good books, although "The Fourth World" and "Surviving the Fog" are underrated.

Preview of CW

This is the first chapter of CW (Whisperer Series: Cat Whisperer) *Yes, the name sounds corny, I know.*

(Not proof edited yet)

They ran out through the front door. The dark cool night was contrasted only by the moonlight of the full moon. And the sound of their raging footsteps. They ran for at least ten minutes, well actually Spike got there in just seven minutes because he’s a lot faster. When Roy arrived, Spike was already at the door sitting on the patio chair all curled up, his yellow eyes staring at the door. Without saying anything they both walked around the house to the backyard.
It was a pretty big backyard, except most of the space was used up for the garden in, infact it took up more the a third of it. Very interesting garden though, carrots, cabbage, peppers… that kind of stuff. But they didn’t have time to admire vegetable gardens right now, they had to brake in. They needed to get up to one of the higher floor rooms. Spike was the first to attempt; he got up halfway and waited, though Roy couldn’t see him stop in the dark. Roy quickly looked around for anything he could use to stand on to get up there. He wasn't like Spike, he couldn't climb like that. His only option was a two-foot tall dark-blue recycling bin. And obviously he used it, because it was his only option. When got both leg on top of it, it wobbled slightly because it had two wheels underneath, but that was all. So far so good, he thought. There was a long plank of wood going across the wall with flowers in plastic flower pots hanging from under it. He pulled himself up using his arm strength and lever himself on with some struggling, but he got on eventually. He walked along the plank carefully, making sure to step directly in the middle so he couldn’t fall. Then he got to the gap. There was huge gap between the plank, dividing it into two planks. He had already though out his two options: He could jump or he could go down move the recycling bin over to the second plank and start again. He thought about it for a few minutes, and then he decided to jump. He took a few steps back, then ran and jumped. Big mistake. In mid-air he realized there was no way he was going to land on the plank. He held in his breath, and whipped his hands fowards to grab the plank – and he made it, he got grip. And then he panicked. He was slipping fast, and he could see the big dirty water barrel below him if he fell in that barrel there was no way he’d be getting out. He realised the gap was there so that when it rained, ran would fall into the bucket, through the pipes an into the garden. It's funny how irrelevant information pops up in your he when you really need to concentrate. But he certainly didn’t want to drown in giant plant feeder. He looked up think ths might be his last breath. Boy found dead in giant plant feeder, he thought, he fell into the feeder while rying to brake into a house. What a burglar fail. Like that guy that got stuck in a window, because he was too fat. Then he saw Spike looking down from the plank, big yellow eyes, filled with concern. It gave him courage, and with courage he began to climb and somehow he made it. When he got up he took a long breather and started to walk towards the windows. He opened the window from the outside and he was fortuately surprised it even could open from the outside. Then they needed to open the bug screen thing. However Roy was prepared. Roy pushed his hand into his pocket, and produced his knife: the mixture of a sharp kitchen knife and a dagger. He cut the screen straight out like it was paper. The lights in the room were on, and the guy was sitting on his chair writing on some paper with his headphones blaring. Then he busted out the inner glass.

Sam froze. He knew he should have been shouting or something but it instead he just froze. He was finishing his math homework, and was almost done when Roy broke into his room. Of course though he didn’t know Roy’s name was Roy, he never met him. He’d perhaps seen him at school a few times, walking through the corridor, outside, in the library; but he’d never actually got to know him. He didn’t know his name, where he lived, where he was born or his age. But now here he was braking into his room through the window.
Sam quickly looked around for a weapon or something: a pillow, a box of paper and broom. Sam didn’t think a pillow would do much, so he went for the broom. Well at least he wanted to go for the broom, but he couldn’t move again – he was frozen. He looked up at Roy, he was holding up his hand telling him to stop. Strange, because as far he could tell was plastered to his seat. Then Roy said something:
“Don’t worry.” He said. “I’m not going to hurt you.”
Sam believed him instantly. He just knew he could trust him. But now he was wondering why he’d broken into his room. So he mustered up all the courage he could and said, “Why are you in my room?”
“I just want to talk to you,” replied Roy.
“So why didn’t you just come through the front door?” Sam asked suspiciously.
“I didn’t want anyone else to know I came,” he answered. “Sam.”
Sam froze again. How does he know my name, he wondered. Maybe someone at school told him or maybe he over heard a friend.
“My name’s Roy,” Roy stated, “I’m a Whisperer.”
“A what?” asked Sam.
“A Whisperer,” Roy repeated. “I’m here because I think you’re a whisperer too.”
Sam just stared at him blankly like he was speaking in Pig Latin. Whisperer? What on earth is whisperer? As far as he could tell this dude was whack!
“So are you?” asked Roy.
Sam woke up from LaLa Land and asked, “What’s a Whisperer?”
“What’s your favorite kind of animal?” asked Roy.
“Thought so,” spoke Roy, “follow me.”
Roy turned around and began walking. He moved towards the window and then jumped out. Sam just followed sheepishly. Once outside they walked the planks (Arrrr!), and jumped down to the recycling. Once on solid ground, then began there little walk to the park. It was past eleven o’clock so it was getting kind of cold, and Sam was only wearing a T-shirt, but Roy didn’t seem to care. He just kept walking. Then he stopped.
“Look,” he said pointing to a short shrub, “see that bird there?”
At first Sam didn’t see it’s but then he noticed movement and said, “Yeah I see it.”
“Say something to him.”
“What?” asked Sam immediately, “You want me to talk to the bird?”
This made absolutely no sense! Some guy brakes into his house and asks him to talk to a bird, outside in the freezing cold.
Sam hesitated. What if this is some prank on camera or something. This would look so stupid on like Facebook or Youtube. Oh well…
“Hello there, birdie.”
At that moment Sam felt deferent, not physically or emotionally, but mentally. He couldn’t tell what but something about him felt different. He didn’t feel one-hundred percent like himself. Maybe he was seventy-eight percent himself or something.
At first he thought it was Roy, but it didn’t sound at all like Roy. So he looked around to see who said hello. The bird was looking at him.
“My names not birdie its Bert.”
The bird was talking to him. At first realization he was shocked, but then he cooled down and asked, “How can you talk to me?”
The bird chirped twice and then said, “I don’t know. How can you speak to me?”
“So I can speak to birds.” Sam said to himself aloud. “So I’m a bird whisperer.”
Then he added, “So I’m a ‘Whisperer’.”
“You sure are,” said a familiar voice from behind him.
He’d almost forgotten Roy was still stand with him. He turned around to face Roy and asked, “How did you know.”
“I’ll explain later.”
Sam looked to Roy feet and for the first time noticed the little black cat stand there, piercing yellow looking up at him.
“So you’re a Whisperer too?” he asked.
Roy just nodded, grinning.
“Cat whisperer?”
Roy nodded again, he now had grin across his face.
“Don’t ask any questions now,” said Roy, “I’ll meet you again after school in the library.”
I was Sunday so school was the following day.
Roy looked up at Sam and then added, “Encyclopedia section. Keep low profile.”


It was twelve-fifty four when Max was awakened from his sleep. It was another one of those nightmares again; the one that always seemed so random. At the start he would usually be reading or writing or doing basically anything normal, like eating breakfast and then all of a sudden something would knock. The door, the window or even the roof. And then it would suddenly open, usually quite violently. Like the roof might fall in, the door might explode, the window might shatter. Then a voice would start talking to him, not a creepy voice or anything just a normal voice, talking about normal stuff: “How are you”, “When are you going to get up?”, “I’m so hungry! Man I need some food”, “Max who am I named after Simon Yhseki, Simon Phil, Simon Simon?” The weird thing would be that the voice seemed to be coming from all around him, in every direction and angle. And then: Snap! He’d wake up back to reality, in his room alone, all by himself with no mysterious voice; just him and his pet snake – Simon.

NO! I gave away too much! I've only written like three chapters so far...

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First Post

Yay! My first post! Yeah, I got two books out on SmashWords so far:
Both of them are shorts but I'm currently working on a huge project. As I said its a huge project, so it'll take a while to complete.
STATUSUPDATE: █ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ 10%